Experienced Emergency Dentist in Dallas, TX

Need to speak with an emergency dentist in Dallas right away? Please give our office a call at 469-864-1999, and one of our experienced team members will assist you. Once we have a better understanding of the situation, we can begin clearing our schedule and preparing a treatment room. For other questions or concerns that are not emergencies, feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with our office as well.

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Common Dental Emergencies

Some situations require immediate attention, while others require an appointment in the near future. If you or a loved one is experiencing unbearable tooth or gum pain, we recommend giving our office a call. Likewise, any excessive gum swelling or bleeding is likely a dental emergency, and any damage that a tooth receives, whether it’s cracked, broken, or completely knocked out, should be treated by an emergency dentist. If you have mild tooth pain that comes and goes, we may recommend that you make an appointment later on.

What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

If a tooth becomes completely dislodged, the first thing you should do is locate it and pick it up by the crown (the top of the tooth). Next, rinse it off if possible and either place it back in the socket or in a cup of milk or saliva. Young children or anyone who is at risk of losing or swallowing the tooth should opt for the second option. After that, you will want to get to our office as soon as possible, because the quicker you can get to an emergency dentist, the higher the chances are that the tooth can be saved and reattached.

Should I visit an emergency dentist or the emergency room?

Many patients who experience dental-related emergencies are unsure of what to do next and end up heading to the ER. In general, emergencies that have to do with the teeth, gums, or inside of the mouth require the expertise of an emergency dentist. Most emergency rooms do not have the tools or experienced staff that are required to handle dental emergencies. If you have any other serious injuries or a broken jaw, you should visit the ER first. Still not sure what to do? Feel free to give us a call, and we can personally assist you.