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Denture Care Basics

February 28, 2022 4:46 am
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If you have dentures, there are some important things that you need to do to make them work best for you and your oral health. In today’s post, we’re talking about denture care and adjustments.

Denture Care

When you wear dentures, it’s critical that you keep them clean, similar to how you would for your real teeth. If you don’t, bacteria can build up on your dentures. While you may not have to worry about tooth decay anymore (unless you have remaining natural teeth and partial dentures), gum disease and bad breath are still concerns.

The way that you’ll approach care does have some differences from how you’d clean your natural teeth. It’s a good idea to brush your dentures morning and night with a liquid soap or denture-cleaning paste and a soft-bristled brush made specifically for dentures to avoid scratches. When cleaning, place a soft towel at the bottom of the sink for cushion in case you drop them. Always rinse your dentures with cool or lukewarm water. Soak overnight in water, a denture cleaner, or retainer cleaner.

Denture Adjustments

Every so often, denture-wearers may need to head in to see the dentist for an adjustment. It’s probably time if you find your dentures slipping off regularly. Tooth loss will cause your jaw to change shape over time. Most patients will notice changes about six months after their initial fitting, and then again after five or more years of wearing their dentures. These changes can be reduced by getting implant-supported dentures, which help prevent bone degeneration.

Are Adjustments Important?

In addition to the comfort and convenience that comes with having a pair of dentures that fit perfectly, adjustments are important to your oral health and wellness too. Loose-fitting dentures can leave you vulnerable to pain, infection, gum disease, and more. If your dentures break or get damaged, this can be a dental emergency. Contact us for urgent care!

Dentures at Buckner Terrace Dental

Here at our Dallas office, we want your dentures to work for you. Have questions about the fit or care of your dentures? Our friendly and experienced team is here with all the answers. Contact us to learn more about your dentures and oral health.

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